Partial Dentures

A partial denture is used when you want to replace one or more missing teeth and do not want to place dental implants.  It is a removable appliance that fits in the mouth and is often kept in by using framework and metal clasps that wrap around your existing teeth.  

The advantages of having a partial denture is that it helps restore your chewing function and holds the space of the lost tooth/teeth so that your other teeth do not move into the space.  Some disadvantages of a partial denture is that it often becomes loose and needs tightening and bone loss continues in the area of the missing tooth.  A dental implant helps in both theses cases.

A partial denture takes several appointments to complete. There are other options for replacing single or multiple missing teeth such as dental bridges and dental implants. 

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Full/Complete Dentures

A complete or full denture is a removable appliance and is recommended when you are missing all your teeth in one or both arches. 

A complete denture is made of an acrylic material to resemble the gum tissues and teeth it is replacing. 
Several visits are required to complete the construction of this appliance. 

The advantage of complete dentures is that they replace your missing teeth and allow you to chew to aid in digestion.  They also contribute to the aesthetics of your face and supports your lips.  Some disadvantages, like partial dentures,  complete dentures often become loose due to continued jaw bone loss and require additional adjustments and relining.  In addition, your jaw bone continues to shrink and your facial structure will look less supported over time.


You can now add dental implants to help secure your full or partial denture eliminating the worry of ill fitting dentures and help maintain facial support.

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