If you have a cavity-prone mouth it’s important that you take care of it before it gets worse. When you visit your family dentistry clinic, ask your dentist what they recommend for protection against tooth decay and cavities. In the meantime, here are five tips for those prone to cavities:

1. Quit smoking
Besides causing various types of cancer (lung, oral etc.), smoking ruins your teeth and gums. The harsh chemicals in tobacco products lead to cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. Even the occasional puff on a cigarette is highly damaging to your teeth. If you do smoke, it’s time to quit whether you are prone to cavities or not.

2. Brush and floss
You need to brush and floss daily to keep cavities away. If you are prone to cavities, skipping a brushing or flossing session can do major damage. The Canadian Dental Association states that we should be brushing twice daily for 2-4 minutes each time. They also say we should be flossing once per day to ensure that we really remove food debris and bacteria from between our teeth. The more bacteria and debris we have, the better chance we have of developing cavities.

3. Regular dental visits
Visit your family dentistry clinic every six months for cleanings and checkups. Your dentist will look for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities, and do their best to reverse the damage. Getting your teeth professionally cleaned and cared for will reduce your chances of getting more cavities and help keep tooth decay and gum disease away.

4. Sealants
Dental sealants are protective plastic coatings that are applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. They seal off the grooves that are naturally found on our teeth to prevent food from collecting there and protect our enamel from acid and plaque build-up. Sealants can be given to people of all ages.

5. Eat well
Foods that are high in sugar and acid can destroy our teeth and leave us with cavities. If you’re prone to cavities you should consume a balanced diet and stay away from fast food and foods that can get stuck in your teeth. For dessert, try fresh fruits and vegetables and unsweetened coffee. These foods actually increase the flow of saliva and can help wash away any food particles left in the mouth after a meal.

Don’t let a cavity-prone mouth deter you from seeking treatment. Please contact us for more information about our cavity protection treatments or to book your next appointment.