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Ceraroot Ceramic Implants Procedure

At Willow Dental, we offer Ceraroot Ceramic Implants as part of our cosmetic dentistry services so that you can improve the appearance of your teeth and smile.

Thanks to the development of new dental technology implant procedures using modern all-ceramic, which are both incredibly strong and long-lasting as well as natural-looking.

CeraRoot Is The New Metal-Free Dental Solution.

Ceraroot implants are placed on the same level as your gums and are biocompatible, meaning they will not discolor your gums or suffer from long-term erosion like metal implants. By connecting directly to your gums, it has been proven that Ceraroot implants are the cleanest way to implant new teeth and are better for the health of your bones and gums. With traditional metal implants, over time corrosion causes discoloration of your gums, giving them a grey-ish purple color. Ceraroot implants don’t have this problem because they are completely metal-free.

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