When it comes to dental procedures, many patients worry about the cost and whether their insurance will cover them. It’s always worse to have an unforeseen expense, so here are some costs you can expect for common dental procedures, as well as some options for insurance coverage.

In Canada, our universal healthcare unfortunately doesn’t extend to dental care. Many Canadians have dental coverage through work, or university, or may qualify for social benefits that include dental.

It’s also worth noting that your dental insurance may cover health related procedures such as root canal treatment, or cleanings, but usually does not extend to cosmetic dental treatments such as veneers or teeth whitening.

Here are some average costs, in Canadian dollars, for common dental procedures:

  • Large Tooth Filling: $325
  • Small Tooth Filling: $80 (Silver Filling), or $200 (White Filling)
  • Root Canal: $800
  • Dental Crown: $1425 (Gold), or $1625 (Porcelain)
  • Dental Bonding: $450
  • Invisalign Braces: $7, 249
  • Veneer: $1, 750
  • Adult Dental Exam: $133
  • Child Dental Exam: $67
  • Tooth Extraction: $136 (starting at)

As you can see, dental procedures can be quite costly. Root Canal treatment, for example, is usually highly necessary to treat the extreme pain of an infected root canal. Unfortunately, the high cost of dental procedures in Canada deters many patients, even from getting regular checkups and cleanings. Dental insurance is essential to keeping up with your oral health, without breaking the bank.

For some, their work will provide dental insurance, which may also extend to family members. If your work doesn’t cover dental, you may want to invest in a private dental coverage plan for yourself and your family. You can also combine dental coverage with other coverage of healthcare not provided by the province, such as prescription drugs or physical therapy.

If you are a student, you may also be able to get dental coverage through your university. However, if your parents have dental coverage, you may be insured under their coverage for the time you are in university. Additionally, dental colleges and schools sometimes offer affordable dental care performed by their students.

Your oral health is important. There shouldn’t be anything deterring you from visiting the dentist for regular cleanings, or from going to the dentist for a checkup if you think something is wrong. If you don’t have dental coverage, you may want to discuss options with your dentist. They may be able to recommend a good insurance provider.