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Full Mouth Restoration Dentistry

Dental restoration is a comprehensive dental procedure used to repair major oral health problems. 

Patients who have several missing, cracked, or broken teeth, or particularly worn teeth due to bruxism (teeth grinding) may require more comprehensive dental care.

Restorative dentistry aims to improve both oral health as well as the overall aesthetic of one’s teeth.

At Willow Dental, our full mouth restoration services allow you to achieve a full, beautiful smile once again. 

How Does Full Mouth Dental Restoration Work?

To determine if you are a candidate for dental restoration, a consultation with our dentists will be required. At Willow Dental, we offer complimentary consultations.

Restoration will begin with the removal of all previous dental work, as well as any new tooth decay, in order to start fresh and achieve healthy and comfortable results.

After this step, the dentist will replace all of the old work, such as crowns and fillings. The process can be done according to your schedule, taking from a few weeks, to a few months, to a year. If you have a fear of dental work, sedation dentistry can also be used for a more relaxed and calm dental experience.

Achieve Your Dream Smile at Willow Dental

Willow Dental is home to experienced dental professionals who are committed to achieving successful dental outcomes for every patient.

Willow Dental has been providing dental care for over 50 years, and some of our patients and their families have been with us since the beginning.

At Willow Dental, our staff is friendly and welcoming. We go out of our way to ensure you feel comfortable, and take time to explain procedures clearly along the way. Our staff is dedicated to accommodating your needs at every step of the process.

This extra level of attention is especially beneficial for patients undergoing full mouth dental restoration. Patients will appreciate the extra attention to ensure maximum comfort during their procedures.

Our Dental Services:

In addition to our full mouth dental restoration procedure, we offer a number of other dentistry services, including:

At Willow Dental, we understand that patients are looking for premium dental services at an affordable price.

With dental benefits on the decline, patients are left to pay their dental bill almost entirely out of pocket. We believe everyone is entitled to outstanding dental care, which is why we offer affordable interest free payment plans, high-quality dental services and dental savings packages. If you have particular financial requests, all you need to do is let us know.

We will go out of our way to accommodate you in every way we can. We pride ourselves on our highly personalized dental care and dental services.

Choose Willow Dental if you are looking for quality dental services, attentive care and a positive dental experience in Mississauga. Schedule a consultation today!

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Full Mouth Restoration at Willow Dental

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