iTero Digital Impressions

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iTero Digital Impressions

Our team at Willow Dental Associates is able to take highly accurate digital impressions of your teeth and jaw using our iTero digital scanner. We have done away with the older more intrusive techniques used to create dental impressions. Our iTero scanner is able to accurately create impressions and give our patients a more comfortable experience at our dental office.

Digital impressions allow us to be able to give you a visual of your teeth instantly to help guide you through the treatment process.

The iTero scanner captures the structure of your teeth and gums and is small enough to easily hold in your mouth. In under 3 minutes, we can create a perfect digital impression of your entire mouth using our iTero scanner.

Conventional VS Digital Impressions

Traditional impressions are taken with putty and can feel like a wad of gum stuck in your mouth. On top of plenty of room for error, this method is highly intrusive and uncomfortable for patients. Our iTero Digital Impressions are able to quickly scan your teeth and improve communication between us and our patients.

Through digital iTero software, we are able to create scans of your teeth as we work on them!

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iTero Digital Impressions at Willow Dental

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