Invisalign braces are an alternative to traditional metal braces. They are virtually undetectable because they are made of two clear aligners that are fitted to the exact shape and size of your mouth. Invisalign is not for everybody but can be perfect for those who only require limited tooth correction, for issues such as mild to moderate misalignment, overbite or underbite.

Before you talk to your dentist, here are eight things to consider before getting Invisalign:

1. Your speech may be affected
Because Invisalign braces are trays fitted to your teeth, your speech may be affected at the beginning. Some people report that they have a slight lisp when they start wearing their aligners but it goes away once they got used to wearing them.

2. They might stain
Although Invisalign are clear, they can stain. If you drink coffee or red wine, make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly to ensure that all discolouration is removed before putting your aligners back in.

3. Caring for Invisalign braces is easy
Invisalign braces are so easy to clean that all you need is water and toothpaste. There are also special cleaning tablets your dentist can recommend that contain a mild, diluted bleach solution.

4. You will need a retainer afterwards
When you’ve finished your Invisalign treatment, you will still need to wear a retainer at night to make sure your teeth don’t return to their prior unnatural positioning.

5. Your teeth will feel a bit loose
Invisalign is generally painless but you may feel like your teeth are loose while you’re wearing your aligners. This is because the teeth are actually being shifted and this feeling is completely normal.

6. You have to wear your aligners for 22 hours a day
22 hours is basically an entire day, with the exception of the two hours allotted for meals and teeth brushing.

7. Attachments may be necessary
Unfortunately, not everyone’s mouth responds to Invisalign the same way and small ridges or attachments may be needed to keep the braces in place. However, these ridges or attachments are nowhere near as cumbersome as those associated with traditional metal braces.

8. Eating with your Invisalign braces is a no-no
You have to take your aligners out to eat. The only thing you can consume with your aligners in your mouth is water. You will also need to brush your teeth before putting your Invisalign back in.

If you have moderate tooth misalignment and are looking for something other than traditional metal braces, Invisalign braces may work best for you. Please contact Willow Dental for more information.