Tooth decay isn’t reserved for adults only. Unfortunately, your toddler’s mouth is also susceptible to damage. Toddler tooth decay needs to be treated before more damage occurs. When you visit your family dental clinic, the pediatric dentist can recommend ways you can help keep your toddler’s mouth healthy. But first, let’s explore what toddler tooth decay is.

What is toddler tooth decay?

In children, cavities are referred to as dental caries. When too much bacteria forms in the mouth, it eats at children’s teeth leaving them with plaque build up. Excess plaque leads to tooth decay and caries. At your family dental clinic, the pediatric dentist will examine your child’s mouth and look for signs of wear and tear and caries.

What causes tooth decay in toddlers?

Toddler tooth decay has many causes that range from what your child drinks or eats, when your child drinks and how often they drink.

1. Sugary drinks
Fruit and vegetable juices, unless they are organic, are full of sugar. The sugar in these juices destroys your toddler’s teeth. Make sure your child is drinking water instead of sugary juices. If your child does drink juice, look for organic, sugar-free brands or make the juice yourself. Do not give your children soda or carbonated beverages because their young mouths simply cannot handle the amount of sugar found in them.

2. Bottle time
Giving your child a bottle before bed without brushing their teeth afterwards is a major cause of toddler tooth decay. The milk from the bottle will stay in your toddler’s mouth overnight and allow bacteria to breed.

3. Lack of oral care
Your toddler may not have a full mouth of adult teeth but that doesn’t mean they don’t require care. Brush your toddler’s teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste designed for kids. The next time you visit the family dental clinic, ask the pediatric dentist which brands they trust for young mouths.

4. Staying away from the dentist
Your toddler needs regular visits to the family dental clinic. Going to the dentist every six months helps your child’s mouth stay healthy and keeps toddler tooth decay away.

Tooth decay in toddlers is preventable if you make regular visits to your family dental clinic and watch what your child eats and drinks. For more information or to make an appointment for your child, please contact Willow Dental.